Rekall Staff Augmentation (SoW)

Introducing Rekall TAS: Revolutionise your business with our dynamic consultancy division. We craft bespoke project-driven and outcome-based services for Architecture and Software Development. Partner with us to overcome business and technology challenges with unparalleled expertise. Our solutions embody efficiency, compliance, assurance, and governance – all meticulously measured and accountable.

With Rekall TAS, say goodbye to long wait times and hello to agile team assembly. Our Talent Augmentation Service (TAS) integrates seamlessly with our consulting model, assembling full teams in under 48 hours for projects of up to 10 consultants. Even for larger teams, we deliver within an impressive 72-hour timeframe. Experience flexible and scalable project delivery solutions like never before.

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Team Augmentation

Within a Team Augmentation engagement, we are accountable with sourcing and delivering the exact talent & skills you need, in a pre-agreed timeframe. The talent we deliver will simply parachute into your already functioning project delivery function.

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Project Augmentation

A dedicated member of Rekall will liaise, manage, track and report to your nominated project lead on the progress of the talent we deploy ‘on-site’. You still maintain overall responsibility for the project but with our assistance you are now able to focus on core performance which resides with you and your team.

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Project Outsourcing

We operate as a complete extension of your project team and have direct engagement with your end-user/client to scope the work, build a delivery model and execute.

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We endeavour to be flexible and agile to all the needs of our clients and ensure we can provide the right solution needed to solve your challenges internally from a structural and pricing standpoint.

The beauty of our TAS range of services is they are designed to be built upon each other. Enabling clients to engage with Rekall on an initial simple ‘Team Augmentation’ basis and as demand and business drivers evolve, our services can evolve in parallel to keep pace, moving into Project Augmentation and if required Project Outsourcing.

On all engagements/models we are able to provide resource on a pure Time & Materials basis or if the client is able to provide specific deliverables, we can engage resource on an ‘outcomes’ basis by using SOW frameworks for additional accountability. For the Project Augmentation and Project Outsourcing models, this is our preferred approach as it is proven to drive better performance and engagement from our expert contractors.