Having partnered with a leading industrial & organizational psychologist, we can offer you bespoke cultural assessments of your company; above that we endeavour to create a tailored hiring program that will be specific to company culture. Reducing your risk of ‘bad hiring’.


Get ahead of the hiring curve with our Talent Mapping service. Identify the top talent in your direct competitive market or the adjacent market, making you aware of what hires could be available to you in the future. 


Providing bespoke benchmarking services to smaller businesses and a reasonable price. These services are very specific and will include a kick-off meeting to discuss your needs. Pricing is based on business or project size.


– Benchmarking of Salary and Benefits

Additional Services that can be quoted on and added to the project

Review current compensation practices, processes and structures
Providing advice on STI and LTI schemes
Job Grading and Evaluation
Review of policies
Salary Structuring Advice


Given that a company as large as Intel increased the number of female and culturally diverse staff members by 20% in 2 years from having a Diversity Panel, we know just how powerful a tool this is to have at your disposal. But what if you don’t have enough staff, or are lack cultural depth enough to make a panel?

We can help you, we will be your panel. We have a panel of experts at your disposal to assess your job descriptions, hiring processes, and internal functions to help you improve your workforce to become more diverse and inclusive.


Having partnered with an industry-leading D&I expert, we can offer you support in all areas of your D&I strategy. Do you need guidance on your framework for diverse and inclusive hiring and the subsequent implementation?  A study by McKinsey & Company found that companies with gender and racial diversity were 35% more likely to have higher financial returns. So let’s work together to get this right.

Talk to us about…

Integrating us into your business to create and implement a full program to ensure you are investing in value adding initiatives
Completing a D&I audit of your current business to understand your challenges
Creating a diversity passport for your new starters and current team to make internal movement around your organisation smooth for your diverse employees
Developing diverse and inclusive recruitment processes and assessment criteria to make sure you attract and recruit the widest possible mix of talent