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Cloud Solution Architect (Customer Success) (fully remote)

About Humanitec

Humanitec is a Series A stage company building the next generation of developer tooling: Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs). Our community is at the center of all of our activities. Our product is open and extensible. Our team is made up of people from all around the world. Humanitec has quickly gained adoption and is now the cornerstone of the platforms of some of the largest engineering teams in the world.

Until recently, building Internal Developer Platforms was only been possible for the likes of Spotify, Github, and Airbnb. Humanitec democratizes access to Internal Developer Platforms for every team. Humanitec enables self-service for developers, drives standardization across config and infrastructure, and relieves pressure on operations.

Our team

The majority of our company are engineers. Our management team is made up of Ex-Google, Ex-McKinsey, and serial entrepreneurs. We are backed and advised by a team of experts with 50+ years of experience at companies such as Oracle, Red Hat, New Relic, IBM, Github, Microsoft, and Contentful. We believe in a mix of creativity and crisp execution as the cornerstone of our success.

We’re looking for people who could land a job at Google, Amazon, or Microsoft – but prefer the excitement, challenge, and daring of being part of a disruptive startup. We focus on your talents and personality – your background, origin, or gender will never make a difference to us.

As a Cloud Solution Architect (Customer Success), you will help our customers implement their own Internal Developer Platforms using Humanitec. You will be supporting our customers’ Platform Teams with integrations, designing their infrastructure, and improving the developer experience. You will also have the opportunity to feedback on and contribute to the core Humanitec product. You should have hands-on experience with all the core aspects of building and running applications in the cloud: from VPCs to Kubernetes to IAM. You will be writing Terraform, debugging cloud infrastructure, and even coding your own open-source Humanitec extensions. You will be working with massive Fortune 500 companies down to shit-hot Silicon Valley startups. 

We pay top 5% in the market, stocks are part of the package. Work is fully remote and we work exclusively with senior engineers in small, lean, and self-organized teams. We are looking for people in the US or Asia.


    • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Computer Science or equivalent practical experience.
    • At least 3 years of hands-on experience as a Platform Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Infrastructure/Cloud Architect, SRE, DevOps Engineer, or similar role.
    • Deep knowledge of at least one of AWS, Azure, or GCP and a good knowledge of at least one other.
    • Relevant Cloud technology certifications are preferred but not required.
    • Hands-on experience deploying, managing, and debugging apps in Kubernetes.
    • Experience with IaC tools such as Terraform or Cloud Formation.
    • Remote & work from either timezone UTC-8 to UTC-5 (Americas) or UTC+5 to UTC+8 (Asia).


    • Work with customers to understand their cloud infrastructure.
    • Suggest implementation approaches customers can use to roll out their Internal Developer Platforms.
    • Build custom integrations for larger customers.
    • Feedback and contribute to the core Humanitec product.
    • Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in Cloud technologies.

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