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Developer Advocate (Fully Remote)

Join Permit.io as A Developer Advocate:

[Tel Aviv Israel -OR- Remotely]

This critical strategic role (for any developer focused company) combines developer skill+empathy.

Understanding the developer needs from the product and promoting them internally within the company

The position is perfect for developers looking to move to more customer facing roles (a real alternative to

product, solution engineering, and architect roles)

About you:

An experienced developer at heart, eager to work with and empower fellow engineers.

Your tech skills are made even stronger by your ability to be empathic and work with other


About us:

Permit.io empowers developers to bake in permissions and access-control into any product in

minutes. Backed by two leading US VCs, we have our headquarters in Tel Aviv and are remote

friendly, and of course focused and accustomed to working with the US/Global market.

What you’ll do:

You will lead our Dev advocacy and community efforts, your responsibilities will include:

● Engaging with customers, free users, and our open-source community.

● Help users dive into the uniqueue technology we offer

● Create more applications, open-source projects, and demos on top of the Permit product / OSS.

● Work closely with our R&D, CEO, and marketing team

● Take a leading role in creating documentation across the stack

● Take a leading role in creating content (blogs, webinars, videos, code, and more)

Awesomeness awaits ���� ,

Team Permit


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