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Global Marketing Manager

Senior Global Marketing Manager


Permit.io, the full-stack authorization framework helping developers bake access control into their cloud-native applications in minutes, has recently launched out of stealth with $6Million in seed funding. 


Permit.io provides all of the required infrastructure to build and implement end-to-end permissions out of the box, so that organisations can bake in fine-grained controls throughout their organisation. This includes all of the elements required for enforcement, gating, auditing, approval-flows, impersonation, automating API keys and more empowered by low-code interfaces.


Permit.io is built on top of the open source project OPAL, also created by Or Weis and Asaf Cohen, which acts as the administration layer for the popular Open Policy Agent (OPA). OPAL brings open policy up to the speed needed by live applications; as an application state changes via APIs, databases, git, Amazon S3 and other 3rd-party SaaS services, OPAL makes sure in real-time every microservice is in sync with the policies and data required by the application.


The company was co-founded by Or Weis, former CEO and Co-Founder of Rookout; and Asaf Cohen, former software engineer at Facebook and Microsoft.


Join Permit.io as its first Marketing Manager!


We’re seeking an exceptional marketing manager to join our team, which is focused on a bottom-up, product-led growth market strategy catering to software developers.

This is an opportunity to join the ground floor as part of the core team, and spread awesomeness to developers around the world. You will be the first marketing hire!


About us:




About you:


A hands-on talented, creative, and dynamic marketing expert. Highly motivated and outstanding communicator. Someone who has experience in an early stage startup where you have been tasked with building a marketing strategy/function from scratch! And this is what you love to do! 


What you’ll do:


Lead all of our day-to-day marketing efforts, working closely with the founders, and an experienced marketing contractor. Working on a content-driven strategy focused on developers.


• Driving content creation (Blogs, webinars, whitepapers, video, podcasts etc.)

• Ad campaigns – PPC


• Events (Conferences, meetups)

• Marketing Website

• Leveraging Social network Assets (Fb, Twitter , Reddit, LI)

• Working with our community manager and VP DevRel

• Engaging with our open-source communities (Slack based)

Is this position for you? Or perhaps someone you know?


Apply now or introduce your people who may be interested.

Awesomeness awaits,


Team Rekall / Permit.io


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