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Senior Back End Engineer

Cloudquery transforms your cloud infrastructure into queryable SQL tables go Graphs for easy monitoring, governance, and security. What is cloudquery and why use it? cloudquery pulls, normalize, exposes and monitors your cloud infrastructure and SaaS apps as SQL or Graph(Neo4j) database. This abstracts various scattered APIs enabling you to define security, governance, cost, and compliance policies with SQL or Cypher(Neo4j). cloudquery can be easily extended to more resources and SaaS providers (open an Issue). cloudquery comes with built-in policy packs such as AWS CIS (more is coming!). Think about cloudquery as a compliance-as-code tool inspired by tools like osquery and terraform, cool right? GitHub: https://github.com/cloudquery/cloudquery Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bc6vO3BY880 Team: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yevgeny-pats-5973328b/?originalSubdomain=il Yevgeny is a 3X entrepreneur and CEO, Ex cyber-security unit thought leader in the Israeli Defence Force. He boasts deep knowledge in the developer and security space hosting many public speaking events, blogging and he is passionate about technology. Previously Yevgeny built and sold Fuzzit to GitLab which was 100% self-funded. The most important thing about how Yevgeny builds a business is around teams where everybody learns, improves, enjoys, and teaches others. Work-life balance is important as we are all here for the long run.

A Senior Backend Engineer at CloudQuery works on the SaaS version for our open-source tools


We primarily use Golang, deployed on Google Cloud. We care about thoughtful, tested, documented code that delivers excellence to our customers. This is a unique opportunity to be part of building a product with significant market fit as it scales exponentially. 

Beyond strong traditional technical skills, we’re huge fans of clean design thinking and architecting, as well as communication and an ability to learn and adapt.

The role comes with immense scope for growth and impact in a zero-ego, zero-BS environment. We’re building a team that works together to solve hard problems that will enable us to achieve our mission to build a developer-first infrastructure security company.

In this role, you will develop new skills:

• By working with world class technical and business leadership

• To build teams and ship features in a hyper-growth environment

• To constantly challenge a codebase and implement new patterns / libraries to improve readability and efficiency What you will do

• Participate in the entire application lifecycle, from architecting to development, testing, and review • Design and build resilient and efficient systems with clean code and good documentation

• Work closely with Product to design functionality

• Collaborate with frontend developers to integrate user-facing elements with server side logic

• Promote best practices across the team and the engineering organization

• Give guidance to more junior developers

• Build reusable code and libraries for future use

• Provide training and support to internal teams. 

We believe in everybody learning from each other

The experience you will have

• 5 + years experience of software engineering experience

• 1.5+ years of experience with Go.

• A passion for good design and architecture, including in the context of large-scale web applications

• Curiosity and the ability to learn what’s required to get the job done

• Systematic problem solving approach and knowledge of algorithms, data structures and complexity analysis

• Experience with unit testing, integration testing, or similar testing frameworks

• A passion for good documentation

• Experience with database technologies like SQL, noSQL, key-value stores (e.g. mySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis…)

• Experience with cloud technologies such as Google Cloud or AWS. Experience with continuous integration and deployment • Good communication skills, team player and comfortable working with cross functional teams

• A desire to build large-scale technology that can change the world for the better


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