Rekall Consulting are specialists in Cyber Security and Cloud Native hiring partnerships, having supported the global expansion of teams from engineering to C level at startups such as Wiz, CloudQuery, Whitesource, Cyberbit, Portnox, Nuaware and more we have successfully built high functioning teams on every continent in the last 12 months.

IT Contract Recruitment

Rekall Consulting has spent all of 2021 building a talent pool of IT Contractors around Europe & USA, with a team dedicated to finding the top talent in DevOps and Cloud-Native technologies we are well placed to quickly deliver to project requirements.

Project Hiring

Have you completed your financial budget for the year, have an idea of how many hires you need to make and by when? This could be the service for you, fix your costs, set a date when you need to have completed your final hire by and send the Rekall team on their way. This will be fully supported by a Customer Success Manager who will plug into your business and oversee the project to closure.

IT Project Team Service

If you have a short term project that needs highly skilled IT contract professionals, look no further. Rekall Consulting can provide you with a Project Team service that will see you with a complete staffing solution from start to finish, anywhere in the world.

Key Hire Recruitment

If you need to make one strategic hire that could shape the future of your business, we can discuss a hire specific project with a fixed price, making budgeting easier for you.