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CloudQuery were at the time a seeded company with a great technology, a great leadership team and a really exciting prospect to work for with an equity offering. The challenge was that they had no brand awareness, no talent attraction capabilities and were 100% reliant on their own network. This presented a limited talent pool as time is of the essence in a start up, and building a tech startup whilst doing the full time work of a recruitment partner is a stretch too far, this was evidenced by the failure to make the appropriate hire.


Rekall Consulting were engaged because of their pedigree in startup hiring, helping CloudQuery to create a talent attraction strategy and a structured recruitment process that smashed through the typical challenges a startup faces when hiring. The process Rekall put in place ensured every candidate was capable and culturally aligned, they created an interview process that was bespoke to our business and as such we didn’t waste any time at all interviewing irrelevant candidates, all the candidates we interviewed were capable and willing. Rekall took the time to understand the culture of our business, asking some strange questions which turned out to be all geared around assessing the cultural fit of each candidate. It’s a really impressive process Rekall put together.


Rekall took the time to understand the culture of my business, what exactly I was looking to achieve, and create a recruitment process that was bespoke to CloudQuery. Rekall was instrumental in helping recruit our engineering team that built the product you see today, we couldn’t have got to round A without the staff they provided. In summary, I am very happy to recommend Rekall Consulting as a recruitment partner for anyone looking to scale up their business with great talent.

Yevgeny Pats

Co-Founder & CEO of CloudQuery