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Account Executive, Mid Market – 1584401

Account Executive – Mid-Market


Why we’re looking for you:

As we continue our rapid growth, we’re looking for an Account Executive who will take ownership of a segment of our mid-market territories. Partnering with our Sales team, you’ll craft your own pipeline and join forces with our adept Sales Engineers to secure deals that range from five to seven figures. Your comfort in leading pivotal deals, handling a diverse portfolio, and laying the groundwork for future teammates is crucial. You possess a keen ability to listen to and engage with engineers — our primary buyers — and to gracefully navigate technical dialogues and decision-making. Your role requires a blend of best sales practices, in-depth sales expertise, and an unyielding passion to close significant deals in record time.

What you’ll do:

As our Account Executive, you’ll be instrumental in identifying and nurturing leads, turning them into high-impact opportunities. Your role emphasises building and strengthening relationships with our buyers, understanding their specific needs and priorities to simplify and expedite the deal process. You’ll be at the forefront of the deal closure, leading both negotiations and the intricate procurement activities. Consistent and meticulous updates to our CRM with vital customer information, forecasts, and pipeline data will be essential, ensuring we always have a pulse on our operations and sales approach. With a strategic mindset, you’ll craft and implement plans that aim to meet our revenue goals on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Engaging with technical stakeholders will be a routine part of your role, aiming to uncover opportunities for our company to enhance their engineering initiatives. Collaboration is key; working closely with our sales engineers and executive team, you’ll establish and nurture connections across all tiers of our major accounts. In tandem with our Engineering team, you’ll consistently seek and champion the introduction of innovative features, underscoring our company’s ever-evolving value proposition.

Who you’ll work with:

As part of our dynamic team, you’ll collaborate closely with our Sales Engineers, who bring genuine engineering expertise. Your interactions will extend to fellow Account Executives and our dedicated SDR team. Beyond daily tasks, expect to be deeply involved in sales forecasting meetings. To clinch those landmark deals, you’ll partner with our sales leads, VP of Sales, CEO, and CTO. But your collaboration doesn’t stop there — you’ll work cross-functionally, joining forces with both our Marketing and Engineering departments.

Stepping into our world means becoming a part of a wider family, individuals who are fervently committed to our customers. Our team thrives on collaboration, constantly pushing the boundaries to innovate our product. And yes, while we’re passionate about our work, we do relish in some light-hearted, well-meaning sarcasm. If this environment resonates with you, we’re eager to connect!

The skillset you’ll bring:

You should have a proven experience in achieving quotas, with a benchmark of $1M+ of ARR annually. Your professional history should reflect a consistent drive in activity, robust pipeline development, and quota accomplishments. We value ~5 years of sales experience, especially if it’s rooted in areas like developer tools, cloud infrastructure, databases, or business intelligence. Your sales approach should lean towards solutions, demonstrating adeptness in managing multifaceted sales processes. We prize excellent presentation skills and equally commendable listening abilities. Organisational prowess and contact management proficiency are a must. We appreciate individuals who are proactive in understanding technical nuances and confident in steering technical conversations with stakeholders at all tiers.


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