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Aws Cloud Engineer – 1505885

About the job

The Role: 6 Month Contract with the potential to renew for a further 6 months. (Outside IR35)

The Solutions Engineer is our customer-facing, high-level engineering function for those who are supporting our customers to deliver cloud-native transformations. We are looking for a real specialist to Contralize and Migrate from on-prem to public cloud in a highly sensitive environment.


Key Responsibilities

● Developing pipelines to deploy code all the way to production with Terraform, using GitHub


● Managing new demand for platform and application onboarding

● Assisting application development teams to architect their applications to be cloud native, or

helping them transform existing applications to cloud native where possible.

● Implementing monitoring and alerting

● Improving security posture of applications being migrated

● Creating secure deployment patterns and templates/modules for application development

teams to reuse.

● Gathering requirements for building and maintaining a centralised platform for product teams

to iterate on their applications in AWS.

● Setting best practices and policies, especially around microservice architecture

● Developing, maintaining and operating complex operational tooling (e.g. Kubernetes,

Opensearch, prometheus, grafana, Github or equivalent alternative technologies)

● Assessing customer technical capabilities and upskilling for reduced friction and increased

platform adoption.

● Enhancing operational reliability and scalability of existing products

● POC’ing new ideas and products, and balancing trade offs between technical,

analytical and product needs.

● Streamlining operational tasks through engineering and automation

● Improving operational visibility around core products such as tracking technologies,

improved metrics etc.

● Implementing integrations between components to improve the teams way of working

● Improving knowledge amongst the team through code reviews, documentation,

technical guidance and mentoring

● Reducing the number of DevOps resources in projects by enabling developers to be

more self-service.


● Experience as a Solutions Engineer, DevOps Engineer, SRE or similar

● Strong understanding of Public Cloud – specifically AWS

● Hands-on experience of operational constraints and common issues from networking,

databases and general cloud-based pitfalls

● Thorough understanding of DevOps practices and tools, including but not limited to; CI / CD,

Docker, Kubernetes

● Ability to assess where an organisation is on its cloud-native journey and help guide them and

to enable infrastructure-as-code working practices

● Versioning and best practices of code, artefacts and deployments

● Development competency ideally in Golang, Ruby or Python and scripting in Bash

● Experience on building decoupled services with micro-service architecture

● Understanding of immutable delivery patterns

● Strong knowledge of continuous integration and deployment practices

● Good problem resolution skills and understanding of symptoms to identify the root cause,

enjoys solving difficult technical problems

● Ability to prioritise tasks accordingly in relation to customer and business needs

● In-depth understanding of industry best practices

● A passion for new technology and automation

● Strong software engineering principles

● Great collaboration skills with people of all levels of technical ability

● An understanding of the importance of being user driven and the benefits of DevOps

principles, agile ways of working, collaboration and transparency

  • ● Good understanding of physical data-centre infrastructure would be advantageous


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