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Cloud and Data Security Engineer – 1462565

The tech is an open-source cloud asset inventory powered by SQL, backed by PostgreSQL. Their open-source project is wildly used by SREs, DevOps & Security engineers around the world. 

The CEO is a serial entrepreneur and CEO, Ex cyber-security unit thought leader in the Israeli Defence Force. Previously he built and sold a company to GitLab

The most important thing about how he builds a business is around teams where everybody learns, improves, enjoys, and teaches others. Work-life balance is important as you are all here for the long run. 

Backed by some super cool VCs who were the first investors in Snyk, cockroach DB, and more popular dev-first companies.

The role comes with immense scope for growth and impact in a zero-ego, zero-BS environment. they’re building a team that works together to solve hard problems that will enable us to achieve our mission to build a developer-first infrastructure security company. 


  • Maintain and expand our SQL cloud security and compliance policies.
  • Write guides and blogs on new security framework and versions such as CIS benchmarks for variety of cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure.


  • Data analyst
  • Cloud experience
  • Interest in security
  • SQL (Important)

Location: Fully remote from UK, Ireland, Europe, India, East Coast US


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