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Director of Demand Generation – 1210530

The opportunity We’re currently looking to hire a Director of Demand Generation to support our marketing efforts.

The ideal candidate for this role has experience building and leading demand or field marketing organizations at rapidly growing B2B or B2D companies, and is comfortable with strategy and execution.

In this role, you’ll work closely with ForAllSecure’s sales organization, and digital marketing team to develop and execute programs that support pipeline generation and conversion. This includes nurture programs, account based marketing, field marketing, and partner marketing efforts. What you will do

● Develop targeted outbound and offline marketing programs to meet ForAllSecure’s user acquisition and pipeline creation targets.

● With sales leadership, build out a field marketing strategy that can be scaled up or down to deliver necessary pipeline coverage across regions or target verticals.

● Partner with digital and product teams to build outbound campaigns targeting un-engaged leads, product users, and current customers.

● Define and deliver a strategy to nurture un-engaged leads and product users to drive conversions and expansion of product use.

● Hire and lead a team of partner marketers, campaign managers, and field marketers to support the demand generation function.

You are someone who

● Has 7+ years of experience in a combination of field marketing, demand generation, partner marketing roles, preferably at rapidly growing B2B or B2D startups

● Brings experience working with sales teams and leadership to align tactics and content for outbound campaigns

● Demonstrates success blending offline and online tactics to drive pipeline growth and engage audiences

● Understands how to measure and model the customer journey across digital, outbound, and offline channels.

● Either directly or with agency partners, has experience leveraging marketing automation technology to build multi-touch retargeting and outbound campaigns.

Who we are Our hunger for success drives our actions. We have respect for all, respect that people will have different opinions, and strive to mitigate unconscious bias.

We commit to being responsible, transparent, and accountable in our actions to our customers and each other. We have a growth mindset, believe challenges can be opportunities, and ask what we can do 10% better each time. Mayhem, by ForAllSecure, is an autonomous application security platform that allows companies to move faster than attackers – identifying and fixing exploits before they’re found in the wild. We’ve been recognized by DARPA, the Smithsonian Museum, the RSA Innovation Sandbox, and SINET for our contributions to cybersecurity. Organizations such as Cloudflare, Roblox, and the Department of Defense partner with ForAllSecure to stay ahead of tomorrow’s threats.


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