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Senior Platform Engineer – 1076130

Job Description

This role requires you to work on Linux systems and their associated services which provide the capability for the business to run their trading platform and Exchange. Team responsibilities include daily troubleshooting and resolution of incidents, operational maintenance, project delivery and support for proactive and preventative analysis of Production and Development systems. 

Managing the Linux Infrastructure and web technologies: 

  • Patching and upgrades of Redhat/CentOS 6/7 Linux OS and server firmware. 
  • General Redhat Linux system administration and networking. 
  • Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution of OS and network stack incidents. 
  • Configurations management using puppet and version control. 
  • Systems monitoring and availability. 
  • Web applications and application routing. 
  • Web-site infrastructure, content delivery and security. 

Day to day responsibilities will include:

  • Completing service requests 
  • Responding to Incidents and Problems 
  • Providing day to day support and troubleshooting for Production and Development systems
  • Create run book of operational processes and follow a support matrix of products. 
  • Ensuring Internal Handovers are completed, and all OS documentation is updated. 
  • Troubleshoot system issues, plan for future capacity and monitor systems performance. 
  • Proactive monitoring of the Linux platform and ownership of these tools/dashboards. 
  • Work with the delivery and engineering teams to develop the platform and technologies, striving to automate where possible. 
  • Working with Development and Application Support teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues with the trading systems and platform, including problem and Root Cause Analysis.
  • Additionally, working with Development teams to understand requirements, provide technical guidance and solutions where appropriate and assist in getting new applications integrated into environments.
  • Continuously improve the team, tools and processes, support regular agile releases of applications and architectural improvements. 

The role includes participating in a team Rota to provide out-of-hours support.


This position is suited to an engineer with at least 8 years of Redhat Linux / CentOS Systems Administration experience that is looking to broaden their range of technologies and work using modern tools and techniques. 

We are looking for someone with the right attitude, eager to learn new technologies, tools and techniques alongside applying their existing skills and judgement. 

  • Pragmatic approach to balancing different work priorities such as incidents, requests and troubleshooting. 
  • Can do/Proactive in improving the environments around them. 
  • Sets the desired goal and the plans to achieve it. 
  • Proud of their achievements and keen to improve further. 

This will be a busy role in a team so the successful candidate’s behaviors will need to strongly align to the client’s values: 

  • Customer service is a passion, cultivates trust, has clarity and communicates well, works
  •  with pace and momentum 
  • Innovative and resilient, strong learning agility and curiosity 
  • Conscientiousness – has high self-discipline, carefulness, thoroughness and organization, flexible and adaptable 


The successful candidate will be able to relate to the statements above and give examples that back them up. 


Technical Experience


  • At least 8 years’ Systems Administration experience with Redhat Enterprise Linux / CentOS 5/6/7 managed through a Satellite infrastructure. 
  • Managed an estate of 1000+ hosts and performed general system administration, networking, backup and restore, monitoring and troubleshooting functions on that estate. 
  • 1+ Years of experience with scripting languages (bash/Perl/Ruby) and automating tasks with Puppet and Redhat Satellite.
  • Comfortable writing new and maintaining existing configuration management configurations (ideally in Puppet).
  • Strong working knowledge of common Linux filesystems (ext3, ext4, XFS) and LVM configuration and management as well as hardware RAID concepts.
  • Strong working, operational understanding of networking and ability to troubleshoot TCP and UDP based networking.
  • Experience with performance analysis/troubleshooting on Redhat/CentOS Linux; you should be familiar with sar, top, iotop, iftop,mpstat, ethtool, vmstat and the like.
  • Experience with custom RPM generation. 
  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills. You will have resolved complex systems issues in your last role and have a solid understanding of the tools needed to do so. 
  • Excellent Communication (Listening, speaking, transmission of concepts with/without examples, etc). 
  • Calm under pressure and work to tight deadlines. You will have brought critical production systems back to life. 


We are looking for a bright, driven, flexible, self-starting, enthusiastic team-player who will be willing and able to help colleagues; articulate communication skills; operationally conscious and flexible to changing priorities and requirements. Responsible and motivated.  


  • Experience supporting enterprise architectures and multi-tiered applications, web architectures and websites. 
  • Experience with messaging solutions and products (eg IBM MQ, Active MQ, Rabbit MQ, LLM, Kafka, etc) 
  • Experience with git/svn and CI/CD environments (e.x. Jenkins, Bamboo). 
  • Experience with SSSD/Kerberos/Centrify/LDAP/Active Directory or similar access control/authentication tools. 
  • Familiarity of hardware from vendors such as Nutanix, HP, Dell, Cisco, F5 configurations. 
  • Experience with virtualization technologies such as VMWare or Nutanix.
  • Experience with both network storage (NetApp/NFS/iSCSI) and locally attached storage.
  • Experience with Zabbix/Nagios/Check_MK/InfluxDB and Grafana monitoring products. 
  • Knowledge of NetBackup including Basic, Advanced Disk storage and Storage Lifecycle Policies.
  • Working knowledge of standalone and Tomcat/Springboot based Java applications, including application troubleshooting and understanding of Java Garbage Collectors, specifically G1.
  • Understanding of basic procedural and object oriented programming principles and data structures (queues, linked lists, hash, array); able to read and debug existing code.


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