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Technical Writer – 1046441 Product Marketing

A platform is actually an obstacle if it is not well documented. Your mission is to explore the strange new world of Internal Developer Platforms, seek out new ways of explaining novel concepts, and to boldly write [sic] the docs that have not been written before!

About Us

Platform engineering is revolutionizing how enterprises build and run their cloud-native setups. Humanitec is at the core of this revolution, enabling teams to build Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) and reach true developer self-service. Through our community-led efforts (platformengineering.orgPlatformCon) and roster of enterprise customers, we are hitting an inflection point in the adoption of IDPs. We are looking to aggressively scale the team to meet the increasing demand.

We’re looking for people who could land a job at Google, Amazon, or Microsoft – but prefer the excitement, challenge, and daring of being part of a disruptive startup. We focus on your talents and personality – your background, origin, or gender will never make a difference to us.

As Technical Writer for Developer Documentation, you will help us take our documentation to the next level. We are seeing strong growth in PoC and Customer Onboardings that clearly show the current limits of our existing documentation. So we’re looking for someone to review the current documentation, create a standard approach and process for how to keep it up to date with every code change and commit and ensure that our documentation meets the requirements of prospects and customers. You should have a passion for good documentation and a clear understanding of the value it can deliver. Your skills and experience as a Technical Writer will be central to this role.

We pay top a 5% industry salary, and stocks are part of the package.


  • Familiarity with DevOps concepts and tools (e.g., Helm, Kubernetes) and cloud technology (e.g., AWS, GCP).
  • Able to read code and write clear documentation of what it does.
  • Native or professional fluency in English.
  • Experience using automated documentation tools.
  • Remote & work from a timezone UTC-1 to UTC+3 (EMEA).


  • Collaborate with engineers to draft/edit/proofread documentation and to establish a standard approach to keep documentation up to date.
  • Ensure documentation is ‘readable’ and easily digestible; aim to wow engineers when working with it!
  • Ensure consistent tone, voicing, tense, format, etc.
  • Create visual diagrams, images, and tutorial videos, as needed.
  • Work closely with our user researcher, sales engineers, and account executives to understand pain points in documentation.

How to Apply

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Our application process is very straightforward and we like to make a decision quickly if the fit feels right on both sides. Your first call will be with our Talent Partner so that we can learn more about you and you can find out everything you need about the role and company. This first screening is followed by 2 interviews with the leadership team and your future colleagues/team members. Interviews are typically 30 to 60 minutes, fully remote, and without any take-home assignments. We will talk through your background, your approach to work, and dive into your knowledge. The final interview is with one of our founders to give you the chance to understand Humanitec even better.


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