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Technical Writer – 1172738

As a technical writer at Appvia, you will create usable, friendly, and useful content for our

customers. You will be part of a cross-functional team that includes developers, product

managers, designers, and support.

We’re looking for an experienced technical writer with plenty of curiosity, passion, and ability to

learn new technologies and technical tools. You should have solid experience working within an

agile development environment, as part of a development team. You should demonstrate strong

technical and writing skills, flexibility, and adaptability. The best candidates will have the skills to

build strong interpersonal relationships with subject matter experts in a fast-paced environment.

You’ll be a strong communicator, and technically savvy, and you’ll be able to hit the ground running

to create and maintain documentation that helps customers achieve their goals.

Specifically, you will:

● Write and edit documentation for Developers and DevOps engineers, including how-to

guides and references.

● Work closely with developers to create working code examples.

● Write for a range of customers, including new and experienced DevOps platform

administrators and developers.

● Be hands-on with the product to use and test features in order to create accurate


● Initiate customer feedback gathering to address content gaps, respond to direct

customer feedback, and promote continuous improvement of the documentation


● Participate in UI development by writing and/or editing UI text and/or providing in-product

user assistance.

● Work with the support team to minimize the support burden via documentation.

● Contribute to improving our overall information architecture and usability.

● Develop good working relationships with various teams and internal stakeholders.

Skills and other Requirements

● 3+ years experience as a software technical writer

● Native English fluency, both verbal and written

● Clear, usable, and accessible writing as demonstrated in a portfolio of writing sample

● Understanding of tech writing principles like single sourcing and content reuse

● Familiarity with command line tools and linux

● Prior experience with open source software and cloud-based Enterprise software


● Prior experience with authoring, publishing, and project tracking tools such as

markdown, html, git, github, jira, confluence, docusaurus, and/or similar tools

● Understand agile development and develop docs as code (agile docs)

● Ability to manage your time and projects effectively, including scoping, prioritizing,

identifying risks,

● Knowledge of cloud computing

● Able to switch focus and priorities as needed in a start-up

Highly Desirable Experience

● Familiarity with Kubernetes and containerization concepts

● Familiarity with programming languages and APIs

● Willing to play with, test, and decipher code/technology with a hands-on attitude

● Programming or scripting abilities (any language or environment)

● Experience working in a user-focused environment

Work style of the ideal candidate

● Practical

● Self-motivated, resourceful

● Action-oriented

● Problem-solver

● Able to take on changing priorities

● Team-oriented


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