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Tech Startups, supercharge your success with Cosmic Consulting. Our project-driven solutions for Architecture and Software Development, along with Talent Augmentation Services (TAS), deliver rapid team assembly within 72 hours, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and measurable success.

We provide expert project management and direct client engagement. Leverage our agility, flexibility, and cost-effective solutions to conquer internal challenges and attain tech excellence.

Risk Mitigation: Reducing the risk of bad hires to nearly 100%.

Time is Money: We give you back time to focus on your business, not endless recruitment.

Budget Peace of Mind: Fixed recruitment spend. No surprise fees that drain your cash flow.

Cosmic Consultancy

Applicant Screening.

Drowning in applications? We get it. Some clients deal with over 300 applicants, and reviewing a single CV can eat up between 8 seconds to 15 minutes – that’s 3.125 days on just CVs for one position. But that’s just the beginning.

From screening to onboarding, one hire consumes a whopping 17 hours of your valuable time. Can you manage this while striving for business growth?

Talent Mapping.

Lead the race in recruitment with our Celestial Talent Mapping service. We pinpoint the stellar talent in your direct competitive orbit or the neighboring constellation, revealing potential future recruits. Your cosmic advantage starts here.

We are really pleased to have a partner like Rekall who is able to help us all around the world, the proof isn’t just in the pudding... Read More
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Rekall took the time to understand the culture of my business, what exactly I was looking to achieve, and create a recruitment process that was bespoke to CloudQuery... Read More
Yevgeny Pats
Candidates, do pick up the phone when someone from Rekall Consulting calls. As a hiring manager, I’d recommend them... Read More
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Competitor Analysis.

Uncover the weak spots in your current candidate attraction approach and construct a brand that surpasses your talent competitors. This process is the foundation of your recruitment strategy, providing the insights needed to navigate your path to success.

We delve deep into how your competitors resonate with the candidates you seek, using this as the cornerstone for shaping a dynamic recruitment and employer brand strategy, ensuring you’re not just in the game but leading it.

D&I Strategy.

Teaming up with a top-tier D&I expert, we stand ready to provide comprehensive support for your Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategy. Whether you require assistance in shaping a robust framework for diverse and inclusive hiring or ensuring its effective implementation, we’ve got you covered.

McKinsey & Company’s research reveals that companies fostering gender and racial diversity are 35% more likely to achieve superior financial returns. Let’s work together to get this right.

Staff Augmentation.

We tailor project-driven solutions for Architecture and Software Development, designed for efficiency, compliance, and measurable success.

Our Talent Augmentation Service (TAS) seamlessly joins forces with our consultancy, delivering full teams within 72 hours for projects, big or small. With Rekall TAS, kiss delays goodbye and say hello to rapid team assembly. 

Types of SOW.

Team Augmentation: We promptly source and supply the talent you need within agreed timelines.

Project Augmentation: A dedicated Rekall expert manages and tracks on-site talent, allowing you to focus on core performance.

Project Outsourcing: We extend your project team, engaging directly with your client to define and execute work. We’re flexible, agile, and adept at solving your internal challenges from a structural and pricing perspective

End to End Support.

Our TAS services can be built upon one another, evolving in sync with your business needs. In all models, we offer resource on a Time & Materials basis.

If you have specific deliverables, our preferred approach is the ‘outcomes’ model, using SOW frameworks for increased accountability. This approach has proven to drive higher performance and engagement from our expert contractors. 

Exclusive Partnering: A unique assessment process and rigorous vetting, ensuring committed candidates.

Precision in Hiring: DevTooling and Cloud Native specialists. Get it right the first time. Reduce the risk of a bad hire to nearly 100%.

Quality Assurance: We offer a 3-month rebate for candidates who don’t meet expectations (although it’s unlikely).

In the world of tech, precision, speed, and results are non-negotiable. We deliver on all fronts, so you can focus on what truly matters—building your tech empire.

Your Space for Answers

Our recruitment footprint extends across diverse geographies, showcasing our global reach. In the USA, we’ve successfully hired on both the West and East coasts, conducting coast-to-coast placements in sales, pre-sales, and marketing, particularly within the Cybersecurity and Dev Tooling industries. Being a UK-based company, our core focus includes the UK and EMEA, covering regions like the Netherlands, Nordics, Germany, and the DACH territory.

Our expertise also reaches New Zealand, where we’ve assisted a company in Central Europe, the USA, Asia Pacific region and Isreal. With connectivity as our ally, we seamlessly operate wherever there’s an internet connection, offering comprehensive recruitment services.

Our specialization spans a diverse range of roles to cater to the dynamic needs of our clients. We excel in recruiting for Sales, including Enterprise Sales, Mid-Market SDR, Pre-sales, and Sales Engineering, as well as roles in Solutions Engineering. Our expertise extends to Marketing, encompassing both traditional and digital aspects, with a particular focus on startup launch marketing functions.

Beyond these, we take pride in building high-performing engineering teams for various companies, from stealth startups to those in the seeded and Round A stages. Our comprehensive approach ensures that as a startup scales up, we can effectively staff every department. Our testimonials and track records substantiate our ability to deliver exceptional recruitment solutions across the board.

In the cybersecurity domain, our notable collaborations include partnering with industry leaders such as Wiz, where we played a pivotal role in recruiting for sales, sales engineering, and SDRs in the US and EMEA during their Round A phase. Our impact is evident as the talent we sourced continues to contribute significantly to Wiz’s success.

Additionally, we’ve worked with organizations like Cyberbit and Portnox, previously known as WhiteSource, now Mend Sales. Our expertise extends to supporting startups like Perimeter 81 from Israel, assisting them in building their go-to-market marketing team. Cybersecurity startup hiring, particularly in sales, pre-sales, and marketing, is our expertise and core focus.

At Rekall Consulting, our key successes are reflected in our remarkable achievements. We take pride in our fastest time to hire, an impressive 7 days from job description to contract and resignation.

However, our most significant successes lie in building high-performing teams. For CloudQuery, a stealth startup, the engineering team we assembled played a pivotal role in securing Round A funding—an exceptional achievement. Additionally, our collaboration with Wiz, the fastest-growing organization in startup history, stands as a testament to our impact. Joining their journey at Round A, we’ve been proud contributors to their phenomenal growth. These successes, coupled with our distinctive branding, underscore Rekall Consulting’s commitment to excellence in talent acquisition.

Our candidate identification method relies on a meticulously crafted market map, shaped by thorough candidate research, interviews, and a profound grasp of client hiring dynamics.

We’ve navigated competitive landscapes in clients’ markets, pinpointing industries as rich talent sources. This strategy ensures access to a diverse candidate pool, including unconventional yet successful fits for your specific space.

Our recruitment services offer flexible payment structures to align with your needs. For key hire recruitment, it’s 25% of the base, payable in 1/3/12 installments based on your funding status. Project hiring involves a fixed monthly service charge plus a success fee. For IT contract recruitment, please contact us for specific details.

Recruitment timelines fluctuate based on role complexity and market dynamics, generally taking weeks to months. Rekall has aided 16 startups, boasting an average 14-day time to hire and a record-breaking 7 days. Clearly, our process is faster than most.

Our success rate in finding long-term candidates is commendable, thanks to our robust recruitment strategies and tailored processes.

We are committed to delivering candidates who not only meet your immediate needs but also contribute to the long-term success of your team. For detailed insights into success rates related to your specific requirements, feel free to get in touch with our team.