Our VC Plug-In Support Service offers VC Companies the opportunity to plug Rekall Consulting into their portfolio of startups, all of whom may be looking to attract the right talent to achieve growth goals.

Having successfully worked with portfolio members at companies like Boldstart Ventures, we are well equipped for the Stealth Startup right through to Round B which may need our expertise to attract the hard-to-find talent.

We can help with everything from building Development teams all the way up to the CxO/Board Room level appointments – we are a true scale-up partner.

Will at Rekall has been a massive help on global hiring for our portfolio companies and I am consistently looking for more opportunities to bring him into the fold. As someone who has rapidly scaled three start-ups and is now working with founders on the VC side, I can confidently say that Will “get’s it”. It’s Always a breath of fresh air to meet someone who truly understands the market inside and out and who has a roster of phenomenal candidates all over the world. If you are looking for a true search partner who can not only advise but help you strategize, the team at Rekall should be your next phone call.


Boldstart Ventures
Rekall took the time to understand the culture of my business, what exactly I was looking to achieve, and create a recruitment process that was bespoke to CloudQuery. Rekall was instrumental in helping recruit our engineering team that built the product you see today, we couldn’t have got to round A without the staff they provided. In summary, I am very happy to recommend Rekall Consulting as a recruitment partner for anyone looking to scale up their business with great talent.


Co-Founder & CEO of CloudQuery