Do you have a specific project in mind, a particular budget, and a deadline? We can offer flexible solutions that suit all business types with multiple hiring agendas anywhere you want to make them.

If you need three software engineers in the UK for a 6-month project or a complete sales team internationally, we can create a solution that works for you. You will have access to all of our professional partnerships such as legal, D&I strategy and cultural assessments.


Rekall Consulting have spent all of 2021 building a talent pool of IT contractors around Europe. With a team dedicated to finding the top talent in DevOps & Cloud Native technologies we are well placed to quickly deliver to project requirements spanning across:

  • SRE
  • Front end engineering
  • Back end engineering
  • Cloud Architects
  • Full Stack engineers
  • Project Leaders
  • Tech Visionaries

Our Project Team Service is designed to give you the team you need to complete specific project deadlines from start to finish. We will provide the labour needed from day 1 to project sign off giving you peace of mind that your deadlines and more importantly your budgets will be protected. Usually this is a 6 month engagement where we will work with you to create a sequential road map that details the journey from first hire onboarded to project sign off.

If you are having challenges finding the right talent you need to complete you project requirements, look no further.


If you need to make one strategic hire that could shape the future of your business, we can discuss a hire specific project with a fixed price, making budgeting easier for you.