If you have the desire and some of the knowledge, but not the resources to grow your own recruitment business, look no further.


We want to allow people the freedom and flexibility not really seen in recruitment, too often we see companies lose their greatest assets due to restrictive cultures, poor leadership, or not enough risk/reward for the individual. At Rekall Consulting we want to create a culture of business entrepreneurship, creating the business leaders of the future who want to build something to be proud of. We strongly believe that value is allowing creative thinkers who have the desire to act, to do just that; to that end, we want to attract some of the industries brightest minds to come together to build a community of entrepreneurs who can work in partnership to build long-lasting businesses in their chosen markets.

Alexander Bell said “Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the co-operation of many minds”, we are offering the opportunity to be part of the many mind’s movements in the recruitment industry.

The beauty of this plug yourself in and grow type model is that you have access to a leadership team that knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. Having built businesses from scratch ourselves. One of the hardest parts was the mental battle in isolation, being locked away on your own with no peers to help you push on whilst learning the hard lessons that your first outing alone will inherently bring. Here you will have access to the Rekall Consulting Community, you can collaborate, share ideas, have as much or as little contact as you like, and never worry that anyone is stepping on your toes, so to speak. It’s there as and when, if at all you need and want it. You will be your own boss!


With experience in both starting a business from scratch and running an international recruitment company in London, we can offer you a real solid foundation of ‘learn from our mistakes’. Our leadership team professes to have made every mistake in the recruitment handbook, but, only once. Working with Rekall Consulting you will have direct access to our expertise and experience in building a successful income for yourself. With the added bonus of APSCO membership. We pride ourselves on supporting, guiding, and mentoring others to be more successful than you dreamed possible, offering 24/7 access to get you there.

You will be invited to attend regular and specific training and development initiatives, as we believe learning will increase your earning. So we always aim to help you learn! We will invite a variety of training providers to give you a real variety of how you learn and develop.

Our leadership team has experience with contract and permanent recruitment on every continent, so there isn’t much we haven’t seen and done.


1. 2 years experience in a specific market

2. Have built a desk and won accounts from scratch

3. Demonstratable track record of Success – with references

4. A thirst for learning

5. A desire to succeed