Rekall Consulting Helps CloudQuery Raise $15M in Series A Funding

‘Culture First’ technology talent acquisition consultancy, Rekall Consulting, provides talent solutions for technology start-ups across the globe. Its ‘Project Hiring’ solution has recently helped CloudQuery raise $15M in a Series A round led by Tiger Global, with participation from its existing investors: Boldstart, Mango Capital, Work-Bench, and Haystack alongside angel investors from the industry.

CloudQuery CEO and co-founder, Yevgeny Pats, helped launch the startup when he needed a tool to give him visibility into his cloud infrastructure resources, and couldn’t find one. He built his own SQL-based tool to help understand exactly what resources he was using, based on data engineering best practices.
When discussing CloudQuery’s partnership with Rekall, Yevgeny Pats voiced “Rekall took the time to understand the culture of my business, what exactly I was looking to achieve, and create a recruitment process that was bespoke to CloudQuery.”

“Rekall was instrumental in building our engineering team that built the product you see today. We couldn’t have got to round A without the staff they helped us recruit.”

Founder of Rekall Consulting, Will Bourne, has seen CloudQuery grow from just a small team, “It’s been a real pleasure working with the team at CloudQuery. When we started they were in stealth mode and were just a handful of people. Helping them build the team and see them get to round A makes me feel very proud to have played a part. We’ve built a great relationship with Yevgeny, and love the variety of emojis in our WhatsApp discussions.”

CloudQuery will use this funding to create an improved CloudQuery SDK supporting more APIs, and new databases, continuing to partner with Rekall Consulting to expand across the globe.

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