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  • Developer relations engineer

"Once you deal with Rekall, you won’t look back."


Metis faced the daunting task of hiring a founding developer relations engineer, a notoriously difficult position to fill. The challenge was compounded by the time constraints and limitations of hiring through community channels or local agencies. This role required a candidate who not only met the technical demands but also aligned with the company’s cultural values.


Rekall Consulting was recommended for this critical hire. Their determination and drive were evident throughout the recruitment process. Rekall not only focused on the technical qualifications but also prioritized finding a candidate who would be a cultural fit for Metis. This comprehensive approach led to the successful placement of an ideal candidate. The experience with Rekall left a lasting impression on Metis, affirming that once a company engages with Rekall, they are unlikely to turn elsewhere for recruitment needs.

I had a need for a founding developer relations engineer, this is a notoriously hard-to-fill position that would have taken too much time, If I were to hire through the community, or by using local agencies.

I was recommended Rekall’s services for this hire, and was amazed by their sheer determination and drive to get us that perfect candidate, who not only fit on a technical level, but culturally. I can straight forward say that once you deal with Rekall, you won’t look back.

Roee Kriger –

Co-Founder & CEO

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