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The Hires

  • DevAdvocate
  • VP Dev Marketing

"We liked the holistic marketing approach Rekall takes"

Challenge needed to fill two specialized positions, a developer advocate and a developer relations specialist, targeting the North American and UK markets. The challenge was to find candidates who not only understood the developer tools sector but also aligned with the company’s culture.


Rekall Consulting was hired for their expertise in these specific roles and their ability to leverage’s brand globally. They focused on understanding’s needs and used a holistic marketing strategy to attract the right talent, successfully filling both positions.


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10 out of 10

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10 out of 10

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I had the great pleasure of requiring Rekalls services as part of working with Rekall Consulting to fill in 2 critical positions for I was impressed by Rekalls determination, Their dedication to the tasks and keen eye on the details, and no less important their pleasant demeanour.

They came recommended by friends; which I always appreciate. We wanted to fill some of our positions closer to the target market (North America, UK) and needed help in reaching out there. We liked the holistic marketing approach Rekall takes, leveraging our brand in its reach outs, and we liked their ability to understand dev-tool specific positions like dev advocate and dev-rel.

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