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  • CTO

"Rekall took 2 weeks from start to finish to complete this hire!"


Portainer, a Devfirst Startup, faced a pivotal moment in its growth: hiring a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This strategic hire was crucial not only for guiding the product’s direction but also for allowing the technical founder to shift focus from hands-on engineering to growing the business. Finding a CTO that could be trusted to take over this significant role was a daunting task, given the impact this individual would have on both the product and the team.


Recognizing Rekall Consulting’s expertise in their market, Portainer engaged their services. Rekall exceeded expectations, completing the CTO hiring process in just two weeks without compromising on quality. The speed and efficiency of their process were remarkable, and the result was the hiring of a ‘superstar’ CTO who immediately made a significant impact on Portainer. Additionally, Rekall’s involvement extended beyond recruitment; they enhanced Portainer’s marketing efforts, generating over 5000 interactions on posts about their technology. This comprehensive approach by Rekall proved to be a game-changer for Portainer.

We engaged Rekall Consulting as we were aware they were specialists in the Devfirst Startup market, and they didn’t disappoint. We needed help to make a very strategic hire bringing a CTO to the business, someone that would have a huge impact on the direction of our product and the team building it.

Hiring a CTO, for me as a technical founder, was a really vital hire. It was going to free me up to focus on growing the business, and not be so hands-on with the engineering side of the business. Letting go is hard, so I wanted someone I absolutely trusted. Rekall got me that person.

Rekall took 2 weeks from start to finish to complete this hire! I was absolutely stunned by the speed and quality of the delivery, normally with speed quality is sacrificed but it was not the case with the team at Rekall. We have hired a superstar who is already having a huge impact on Portainer. The added bonus for us was they plugged us into their marketing function and gained us over 5000 interactions on posts regarding our technology

Neil Cresswell –


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