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The Hires

  • Marketing Team

"The communication was good, candidates were good, and Rekall worked with our processes"


ForAllSecure faced the dual challenge of an overwhelming volume of inbound applications and a limited network for sourcing strong candidates. This situation made it difficult for them to efficiently find and recruit top talent in the specialized fields of security, DevOps, and development.


Recognising Rekall Consulting’s expertise and connections in the sec/devops/dev-focused spaces, ForAllSecure chose them as a recruitment partner. Rekall efficiently managed the high volume of applications and leveraged their extensive network to create a strong candidate pool. They seamlessly integrated with ForAllSecure’s processes, ensuring smooth communication and providing high-quality candidates that met the company’s specific needs.

Things were great! I got a strong mix of candidates that had both the requisite experience and the sector knowledge for the roles. I didn’t have to go through multiple rounds of ‘well, let’s pivot this set of candidates and get people more like _____” like I have in the past.

Josh Thorngren –

VP Marketing

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