CLIENT: ForAllSecure


Why Rekall Consulting? What lead you to choose us as your partner in your efforts to grow the team?
Sector experience and connections in sec/devops/dev-focused spaces.

What was the challenge you faced that lead you to require a recruitment partner in the first place?
Not enough time to sort through inbound volume + not a broad enough network to source a strong candidate pool.

Your personal comments/opinions on the service you received (did it meet your expectations / did you get what you needed in a timely fashion, do you hire some superstars)?
Things were great! I got a strong mix of candidates that had both the requisite experience and the sector knowledge for the roles. I didn’t have to go through multiple rounds of ‘well, let’s pivot this set of candidates and get people more like _____” like I have in the past.

Would you recommend Rekall Consulting to a colleague or friend who is looking to scale their business?
Yes – full stop. No one I know is trying to work with external recruiters though rn 🙁

What could Rekall have done better to improve our service?
Nothing I can note – the communication was good, candidates were good, and you worked with our processes which is always a huge plus. If we were more scaled up, I’d have asked for a more structured ‘how we work together’ – but that wasn’t needed and would have just hampered the process here.