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The Hires

  • FullStack Engineer

"secured a suitable candidate for the role within a 30-day time-frame"


Novu, a small startup, faced a significant hurdle in hiring a highly skilled full-stack open-source engineer. Their limited market presence made it challenging to attract and secure the right talent, a crucial need for their growing team.


Referred by a trusted contact at who had positive experiences with them, Novu partnered with Rekall Consulting. Rekall leveraged their expertise in recruitment to address Novu’s specific needs. They successfully identified and attracted a qualified full-stack open-source engineer, overcoming the challenges posed by Novu’s limited market visibility. All within a 30 day time frame.

Upon engaging Rekall Consulting, we swiftly identified and secured a suitable candidate for the role within a 30-day time-frame. Rekall, with their unwavering commitment and passion for the technical domain, embraced the challenge.

Rekall consistently delved deeper to ascertain our precise requirements and scoured the vast expanse of the internet to uncover our ideal candidate. Notably, Rekall’s friendly demeanor throughout the process added a personal touch.

I wholeheartedly endorse their services for future endeavors and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with Rekall once again.

Tomer Barnea –

CEO & Co-Founder

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