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How Wiz became the fastest growing Start-up in history


In the tech industry, receiving daily messages and calls about job opportunities that often didn’t match personal skills, preferences, or ambitions was a common challenge. This led to a frustrating experience where finding the right job became a tedious and often unsuccessful process.


Rekall Consulting offered a solution by performing thorough due diligence on both the available positions and the candidates, including Wiz in this case. This approach significantly increased the likelihood of successful job placements. Wiz experienced a personalized recruitment process with regular check-ins and candid feedback, ensuring the job matched personal aspirations and capabilities. This led to Wiz securing a desired position in an organization fitting personal criteria, highlighting the effectiveness of Rekall Consulting’s approach.

As many of us in tech, we get daily messages and calls advertising positions that may or may not adjust to our skills, preferences, or ambitions.

Rekall Consulting reached out to me, having done due diligence on both the position available and myself as a candidate, almost guaranteeing a successful placement. From a personal perspective, I got the job I wanted, in an organisation that is of the right size, and in the right market, with an outstanding product

Throughout the interview process I got weekly check ins, and candid feedback, demonstrating that the recruiter was truly invested in my success, as opposed to doing a referral

Candidates, do pick up the phone when someone from Rekall Consulting calls. As a hiring manager, I’d recommend them.

Nicolas Corrarello –


image of nicholas, director at Wiz

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