Rekall Consulting is a ‘Culture First’ technology talent acquisition consultancy, we aim to assess the values and culture of your business before engaging in any embedded hiring campaigns. Having partnered with industry experts in the fields of organisational psychology and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, we are best placed to develop actionable insight into your organisation and the individuals you are trying to attract.

We create bespoke talent strategies for Start-Up & Scale-Up companies and embed our talent professionals into your business. Taking advantage of our unique assessment process, you will reduce your risk of making bad hires whilst protecting the culture of your business as it grows. We call this Cultural-Scalability.

Culture first hiring and strategic talent consulting for startup and scale-up technology organisations

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Testimonials, from some of our valued clients.

Will contacted me through LinkedIn to match me with a new opportunity. He was incredibly thorough with his approach and kept me up to date and informed all the way through the process in order to ensure that the recruitment process was a great experience. Will went out of his way to ensure that he matched me in a company that was relevant to me, not only from an experience point of view but also a culture. I would highly recommend Will for finding your next hire!

VP MarketingUK based scale up Analytics Software:

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Will, basierte auf einer sehr guten Aufnahmefähigkeit der notwendigen Qualifikationen, um einen qualifizierten Kandidaten für unsere offene Position zu finden. Durch dieses gute Basiverständnis, wurde uns der richtige Kandidat vorgschlagen und wir besetzten damit erfolgreich die offene Position. Damit war aber die Arbeit von Will noch nicht abgeschlossen, da er sich bis zum ersten Arbeitstag, des Kandifaten, weiterhin angagiert hat, um ein Reibungslosen Übergang zu gewährlesiten. Danke Will, für diese Gute Unterstützung.

Services DirectorGerman Based Consulting Company

Will Bourne was introduced as specialist in cyber security head hunting, assisting Israel based organisations expand their operations outside in Europe. Needless to say we have had a successful engagement and ultimately found the ideal candidate to assist the growth of our organisation in the territory. Will understood the procedures of working with our local HR/TA team based in Tel Aviv, remaining patient and transparent throughout the whole recruitment process until ultimately the contract was signed.

VP SalesIsrael Based Start-up Cyber Security Software

I would like to thank you for the great work you have done for me recently to find Glasswall Solutions a top-grade Senior Sales Engineer. The candidates you put forward were all excellent and fitted the brief perfectly. From our first call together you were patient and professional and despite me sometimes being hard to get hold of, you kept all the parts of the process flowing in the right direction and we have ended up with a great new team member joining us. Despite your rates being slightly above what I have normally paid, I would certainly continue to use you taking the above into account and would be happy to act as a reference for anyone thinking of using your services.

VP EmeaUK Based Cyber Security Start-up

Over the years I've engaged with a number of professional recruiters with mixed results however my experience with Will singles him out as an exceptional individual and very much in the forefront of his profession in how he deals with both candidates and prospective employers and expertly synchronises the requirements and activities of both. Without hesitation i would recommend Will to potential candidates, potential employers and industry professionals as a great example of how value can be added to the overall recruitment process.

Channel DirectorUSA Based Virtual Infrastructure Provider

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